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GavinRobinson/Test unit
Years active: 1/4/1908 – 1/6/1919
Country: United Kingdom
Service: British Army
Branch: Territorial Force
Type: Infantry
Specific type: Infantry battalion
Full size: 1,000
Sources for overview:
Created: 1/4/1908. Formed from volunteer battalions at creation of Territorial Force.[1]
Sources for created:
Name1: 5th Battalion
Name1 Start:
Name1 End:
Reason for change:
Sources for name1: [2]
Name2: 5th (Home Service) Battalion
Name2 Start:
Name2 End:
Reason for change:
Sources for name2: [3]
Name3: 5th (Reserve) Battalion
Name3 Start:
Name3 End:
Reason for change:
Sources for name3: [4]
Name4: 2/5th Battalion
Name4 Start:
Name4 End:
Reason for change:
Sources for name4: [5]
Name5: 5th (Reserve) Battalion
Name5 Start:
Name5 End:
Reason for change:
Sources for name5: [6]
Alternate names:
Sources for alternate names:
Disbanded: 1/6/1919. Disembodied at end of war service.
Sources for disbanded: [7]
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Command structure
Relationship type: Tactical
Parent unit: Lincolnshire Regiment, UK
Parent level:
Start date: 1/4/1908
End date: July 1919[8]
Sources: [9]

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