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Theatre of war
Theatre name: Gallipoli
Date entered: 25 April 1915
Date left: 9 January 1916
Sources: [1]

The Theatre of War infobox is designed to record information about a specific unit's deployment to a specific theatre of war. It should generally be used on pages that also use {{infobox military unit}} and be placed below that template. The infobox can be repeated as necessary to allow for multiple theatres. Non-consecutive periods of service in the same theatre should be shown in separate instances of the template. For this site, 'theatre of war' includes some places and times that were not officially classed as theatres of war but are useful for recording a unit's location.

The box should be added using the {{Infobox theatre of war}} template, as shown below:

{{Infobox theatre of war
| date_entered_ToW = 
| date_left_ToW = 
| ToW_code = 
| ref

Note: When using parameters, avoid the ambiguous abbreviation "N/A", and instead use "unknown" or "none". Please cite reliable sources where possible using <ref> tags. These should be placed in the date fields after the dates, not in the ToC_code field.

  • date_entered_ToW – the date when the unit first entered this theatre. For overseas service, this is usually the day that the unit disembarked in the relevant country.
  • date_left_ToW – the date when the unit left this theatre. For overseas service, this is usually the day that the unit embarked from the relevant country.
  • ToW_code – can take either the name of the theatre as a string or a code number from 1 to 11 corresponding to one of the theatres used for arranging British Empire war diaries in TNA series WO 95. Code numbers and their theatre names are shown below. If an empty string is entered, the value will be shown as 'unknown' and the page will be flagged with Category:Units needing theatres. If any other string is entered, it will be displayed as entered, which is useful if a unit was in a place not covered by the existing codes. If it is covered by the codes, you can copy either the theatre name or number from this list:
    • 1 France, Belgium and Germany
    • 2 Italy
    • 3 Gallipoli
    • 4 Egypt, Palestine and Syria
    • 5 Salonika, Black Sea and South Russia
    • 6 Mesopotamia and North Persia
    • 7 East and West Africa
    • 8 India and East Persia
    • 9 North Russia and Siberia
    • 10 Pacific, Indian Ocean, West Indies and Western Mediterranean
    • 11 British Isles
  • ref – references to sources that support the information entered in the other parameters. This will automatically create a footnote. You don't need to use ref tags.
  • ToW_name – not currently used but might be in future.
  • location – not currently used but might be in future.
  1. James, E.A. (1998) [first published 1978]. British Regiments 1914-1918. Heathfield, UK: Naval & Military Press. p. 79. ISBN 0-906304-03-2.