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The National Archives of the UK (TNA): (unknown date–unknown date)
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This template should be used under the War Diary heading in the body of a page if a unit or formation has official war diaries at the UK National Archives.

For Australian and New Zealand units or formations, please use {{War diary AWM}} instead because the versions of their diaries at the Australian War Memorial are better than the ones at the UK National Archives.

{{War diary TNA
| url =
| ref =
| start_date =
| end_date =
| subunit =

Parameter names can be omitted if the values are entered in this order.

  • url – full URL of a Discovery resource corresponding to the catalogue reference. For example: http://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk/details/r/C1787810
  • ref – full catalogue reference, including series. This will usually be WO 95 but can also be WO 154. You can refer to a single item, a single piece, or a sub-series covering a range of pieces, as long as there is a Discovery URL for the reference. Examples:
    • WO 95/2691/2
    • WO 95/2686
    • WO 95/2662-2695
    • WO 154/59
  • start_date – earliest date covered by the diaries with the specified catalogue reference.
  • end_date – latest date covered by the diaries with the specified catalogue reference.
  • subunitoptional – allows you to specifiy the name of a sub-unit or staff department that has a war diary but not its own page, for example "General Staff".

This template can be used more than once on the same page if the unit has diaries under several different references. It automatically adds Category:Units with official war diaries.