American YMCA

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American YMCA
Years active:
Country: United States of America
Service: YMCA
Type: unknown
Specific type: unknown
Full size: None
Sources for overview:
Sources for created:
Alternate names:
Sources for alternate names:
Sources for disbanded:
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Personal narratives[edit]

Addie W. Hunton and Kathryn M. Johnson[edit]

Two Colored women with the American Expeditionary Forces by Addie W. Hunton and Kathryn M. Johnson is a fascinating account of the YMCA's work and includes photos of named individuals as well as mentions of specific military units.

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Official Sources[edit]

Unit war diaries[edit]

No war diaries exist for this unit. This could be because:

  • units and formations were only required to keep official war diaries when operating in a theatre of war.
  • war diaries were created but no longer survive.
  • some unit pages on this site that represent groups of formation troops don't correspond to a unit or staff department that kept war diaries.

Unit histories[edit]

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