Royal Engineers, British Army

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Royal Engineers, British Army
Years active:
Country: United Kingdom
Service: British Army
Type: Engineering
Specific type: Corps (administrative)
Full size: none
Sources for overview:
Sources for created:
Name1: Corps of Royal Engineers
Name1 Start:
Name1 End:
Reason for change:
Sources for name1:
Alternate names: RE, the Sappers
Sources for alternate names:
Sources for disbanded:
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Record Office[edit]

This administrative corps had its own record office which is represented here, not on a separate page.

Location: Chatham
Letter code: RE

Personal narratives[edit]

2nd Lt Alfred Boxall MC RE, 262nd Railway Company, Royal Engineers[edit]

A biography of Alfred Boxall on Europeana 1914-1918.

Fred Littler[edit]

Diary, postcards and photos of Thomas Fredrick Littler. Served in:

Related media[edit]

The Long, Long Trail website has a page on The RE Railway Construction Companies.

Official Sources[edit]

Unit war diaries[edit]

None. Administrative organisations did not keep war diaries because they had no operational role.

See descendant unit pages for their war diaries.

Unit histories[edit]

Other official documents[edit]

Other sources[edit]