Naming conventions for American units

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The purpose of this page is to record and explain our current practices for naming units and pages. It's not a set of rules that you have to learn. If you want to create a page that doesn't exist, just create it. Don't worry about whether it has the right name. We can easily move it later.

Page names for American units usually have the suffix ", US" unless "American" or "US" already appears in the unit name. "US" is also used for category names.

Army and Marine Corps units and formations

This applies to all branches of the US Army, and to US Marine Corps units serving under Army command in the American Expeditionary Forces.

The higher formations follow the same pattern as most other countries:

Page names for most units are in these forms:

One of the full names in {{infobox military unit}} will usually be the same as the page name but without the suffix ", US". Some regiments had more than one name, especially if they came from the National Guard. The earlier names often included a geographical name. For example, 108th Infantry Regiment, US was previously called "3rd New York Infantry Regiment". All of these names should be included in the name history in the infobox, citing sources where known. We don't yet know of a canonical source for the name histories of all American regiments.