Chinese units in World War I

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Chinese Army[edit]

The [[Wikipedia:History_of_the_Republic_of_China#World_War_I_and_brief_Manchu_restoration|Republic of China] formally entered the war on the allied side in 1917 and captured some German ships that were hiding in China. China was in a state of civil war at this time and some factions opposed entry into the war. Chinese forces also took part in the allied intervention in the Russian Civil War.

Chinese labourers recruited by other countries[edit]

'Chinese workers helped rebuild war-torn Europe, says Hong Kong University historian Xu Guoqi. About 140,000 worked for American, British and French troops in France, his research shows. Up to half a million Chinese workers laboured on the eastern front for Tsarist Russia, before the empire crumbled in the 1917 Communist revolution, according to the unpublished research of historian Li Zhixue of Jinan University.'[1].


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