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War diary,
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Please use this template in footnotes to reference official war diaries. It automatically generates a link to the war diary section of the relevant page.

{{Cite war diary
| start_date =
| end_date =
| unitpage =
| subunit =
| page_image =

Parameter names can be omitted if the values are entered in this order.

  • start_date – the first date referenced. If you are only referencing one date, put it here and leave out end_date
  • end_dateoptional – The last date referenced if you are referencing a range of consecutive dates. For non-consecutive dates, you will need to call the template again for each date.
  • unitpageoptional – if you are referencing the war diary of the unit whose page you are on, leave this out and the link will point to this page by default. If you are referencing the diary of a different unit, put its page name here.
  • subunitoptional – you can use this to specify a subunit or staff department that has a separate diary but not its own page. For example, "General Staff".
  • page_imageoptional – if the diary is available free to view online with no login required, and if there are permalinks to specific pages, you can use this for the full URL of the page you are citing. It will automatically generate a link as part of the citation.

Any additional information can be entered as free text outside the template but inside the footnote. This might include file name and page number for diaries digitised as PDF files.

There is no need to include the archival reference of the diary as this will be given at the target of the link.


To reference one date for the current unit:

{{Cite war diary|1/7/1916}}

To reference a range of dates for the current unit:

{{Cite war diary|1/7/1916|31/7/1916}}

To reference one date for a different unit:

{{Cite war diary|1/7/1916||1st Battalion Rifle Brigade, UK}}

To reference a range of dates for a different unit:

{{Cite war diary|1/7/1916|31/7/1916|1st Battalion Rifle Brigade, UK}}

To reference one date for a staff department of a different unit:

{{Cite war diary|15/2/1916||I ANZAC Corps|General Staff}}