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Hart's Annual Army List for 1914. London: John Murray. 1914. 
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Please use this template to cite Hart's Annual Army List, a semi-official list of officers and regiments of the British and Indian armies. It automatically creates a link to the page image at the Internet Archive.

This template passes data to {{Cite book}} which adds COinS metadata.

{{Cite Hart
| year =
| page =
| url =


{{Cite Hart
| year =
| pages =
| url =

If the parameters are entered incorrectly, the link generated by this template won't work.

  • year: the year of the volume being cited. Required because there are several volumes. This can be any year from 1909 to 1915 inclusive. Volumes from outside these years can't be cited using this template. The default value is 1914. Parameter name can be omitted if this is the first parameter.
  • The page and pages parameters are optional. You can use either or leave both out, but don't use both at once. These should match the original numbers printed on the page, not the page number in Internet Archive url. These can be arabic or lower case roman numerals. Sometimes the arabic numberals have a letter after them.
    • page: the number of a single page if you're only citing one page.
    • pages: a range of consecutive or non-consecutive pages if you're citing more than one page.
  • url: the full url of a page image at the Internet Archive. If you're citing more than one page, just put the url of the first page you're citing in this parameter. The volumes you can cite are:

Example usage:

{{Cite Hart|1913|page = 84b|url = https://archive.org/stream/hartsannualarmy1913lond#page/86/mode/2up}}


Hart's Annual Army List for 1913. London: John Murray. 1913. p. 84b.