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You can use this template to cite any issue of the British official Quarterly Army List. This template passes data to {{Cite book}}, which automatically inserts COinS metadata.

For the Monthly Army List, please use {{Cite Army List M}} instead.

{{Cite Army List Q
| quarter =
| year =
| page =
| url =


{{Cite Army List Q
| quarter =
| year =
| pages =
| url =
  • quarter – the quarter of the year covered by the issue. The parameter name can be left out if this is the first value. This should be a single digit from 1 to 4. The quarters are:
    • 1 ending 30th March, usually published in April
    • 2 ending 30th June, usually published in July
    • 3 ending 30th September, usually published in October
    • 4 ending 31st December, usually published in January of the following year
  • year – the year of the issue. This should match the year of the quarter covered, not the year in which the list was published (the template will calculate year of publication automatically). The parameter name can be left out if this is the second value.
  • The page and pages parameters are optional. You can use either or leave both out, but don't use both at once.
    • page: the number of a single page if you're only citing one page.
    • pages: a range of consecutive or non-consecutive pages if you're citing more than one page.
  • url – the full url of the volume or page cited if it's freely available online. Several volumes are available at the Internet Archives. For example:

Example usage:

{{Cite Army List Q | 2 | 1914 | page = 1772 | url = https://archive.org/stream/armylistjul1914grea#page/1196/mode/2up }}


Great Britain - War Office (1914). The Quarterly Army List for the Quarter Ending 30th June, 1914. London: HMSO. p. 1772.