Motor machine gun battalion

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This page defines Motor machine gun battalion, which can be used as a value of the "specific_type" parameter in {{infobox military unit}} like this:

| type = Machine gun
| specific_type = Motor machine gun battalion
| size_at_full_strength = 700

A motor machine gun battalion was armed with medium machine guns mounted on motor vehicles.

British Empire[edit]

Motor machine gun units were not organised into battalions. See motor machine gun battery and motor machine gun brigade.

US Army[edit]

A motor machine gun battalion was attached to each infantry division. The establishment of a battalion is given in Order of Battle of the United States Land Forces in the World War, Volume 2, American Expeditionary Forces: Divisions. Washington, DC: Centre of Military History, United States Army. 1988 [first published 1931]. pp. 446–47. 

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