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This page defines Light horse regiment, which can be used as a value of the "specific_type" parameter in {{infobox military unit}} like this:

| type = Mounted
| specific_type = Light horse regiment
| size_at_full_strength = 500

A light horse regiment was the basic tactical unit of mounted troops in the Australian Army. Light horse regiments were formed by the Citizen Military Force for home service before the First World War, and new regiments were raised for the Australian Imperial Force from 1914 onwards. The light horse were originally mounted infantry who used horses for transport but fought on foot using rifles and other infantry weapons. While they were officially classed as mounted infantry, the Australian Imperial Force light horse sometimes carried out mounted charges, as at Beersheba in 1917. By 1918 many AIF light horse regiments had been issued with swords and officially converted to cavalry with a similar role to British cavalry regiments.

Light horse regiments were usually grouped into Light Horse Brigades, which were a form of mounted brigade.

We now have a page for every AIF light horse regiment but we don't yet have the CMF regiments.

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